What is trench coat

I suggest you read what I write before claiming I said something I did not.
I never said I had no experience with Chinese Burberry Trenchcoat, I said I do not use them, that is a huge difference.
I have been to China and I have seen China-made Trench coats in person, I tried them on and inspected them closely and I do not want them because the workamnship, the fabric and the cut were not flattering in any way.
Of course, you are welcome to write your own article about Chinese trench coats on your own website, but at this point the quality of Chinese Burberry Trenchcoats is not worth being recommended, in my opinion. Maybe that will change in the future.

Having officers outfit themselves also helped reinforce the social hierarchy of the military. Soldiers tended to be drawn from the British working classes, while the officers were almost exclusively plucked from upper, gentlemanly class, the “Downton Abbey” swanks. Dress was (and still is, of course) an important marker of social distinction, so allowing officers to buy their own active service kit from their preferred tailors and outfitters set them apart, fortifying their social supremacy. It also meant that though there were parameters for what an officer had to wear, they could, as Doyle says, “cut a dash”: “The latitude for creating their own style was enormous.

What is trench coat

what is trench coat


what is trench coatwhat is trench coatwhat is trench coatwhat is trench coatwhat is trench coat