Trench cycle

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Specification: MIFAB Series T1400 6” wide pre-sloped trench drain system. Polypropylene drain body with integral top frame and 1/4" per section bottom slope, anchor flange with slotted tabs every 10” for rebar tie down and leveling, grate lockdown assembly, body support legs, interlocking ends, and radiused bottom. Standard with ANSI rated “Special Duty” lacquered ductile iron grates with a safe live load of over 10,000 lbs. (Note: Specify ductile iron frames for forklift applications.)

Function: Used in airports, car washes, malls and plazas, golf courses, factories, and any other facilities that require large areas of surface drainage. Chemical resistant polypropylene material provides for long life. V configuration channel design ensures maximum flow of water. Polypropylene support board prevents debris from entering trench body during construction.

The buckshot typically used in a combat shotgun spreads out to a greater or lesser degree depending on the barrel choke , and can be effective at ranges as far as 70 m (75 yards). The delivery of the large number of projectiles simultaneously makes the shotgun the most effective short range weapon commonly used, with a hit probability 45% greater than a sub-machine gun (5-round burst), and twice as great as an assault rifle (3-round burst). [2] While each pellet is only as effective as a small caliber handgun round, and offers very poor penetration against an armored target, the multiple projectiles increases the likelihood of one or more peripheral wounds. Also, the impulse of a well-placed shot is enough to stun a target for a while, when rifle rounds, due to their small size, even penetrating armor, have a much lower chance to stop or disorient the target on hit. Pellets, that hit armored vests at close ranges greatly deplete vests' durability and protective abilities, often breaking them with 1 or 2 shots, thus making the target extremely vulnerable to the next shots. Shots that hit extremities in the bone joints often tear them off, resulting in very fast death of blood loss. So, the combat shotgun is situational, but overall useful utility weapon.

Trench cycle

trench cycle


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