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VNG’s headquarter is located at the Flemington Building, Le Dai Hanh Street, Ho Chi Minh City. VNG also has other 7 branches located in big cities and provinces of Vietnam including Hanoi and Danang. Staff at VNG is provided with a very comfortable working environment, with the “4 No, 6 Yes” criteria. The "4 No" include: no suits; no walls (open space, open mind); no ranks; no “office”. The "6 Yes" include: Playing games; Enjoying many benefits; Having a big family; Opportunities to discover; Making the best of oneself and Collaboratively develop the Internet to change Vietnamese life. As a result, in January 2014, according to a survey carried out by CareerBuilder with more than 17,000 participants, VNG was honored to be one of the 100 favorite employers in 2013. [19]

Many companies such as Smart Things and LittleBits already have kits that make your house appliances smart so in 2015, we predict that IoT software platforms will continue to displace hardware. Although much of the early hype has been about high-tech wearables and wireless technologies, this year we predict that we will see an increased focus on the software and especially the cloud services to make all these sensors connect, upload data, and drive analytics that generate insights and enable efficiencies and communications across the business.

Top 100 tren zing

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