Test prop quad injection pain

Performance Active Trim is an integrated boat speed-based engine trim system specifically for performance applications where the gearcases are running partially surfaced. This intuitive, hands-free system automatically adjusts trim angle for changes in operating conditions to maximize performance and boat handling at speeds up to 50 mph. New performance boaters are now able to enjoy properly trimmed engines with virtually no learning curve, while experienced boaters will no longer need to monitor and adjust trim upon changes in boat speed or turns.

1 - Remove any lengthy pieces of clothing from your legs, so that at least your quad is visible.
2 - Stand up and place your arms by your side.
3 - With your middle finger (on the same side of the quad which you will be pinning) by your side touch your quad and bookmark this area.
4 - Wipe this area with an alcohol wipe.
5 - Sit down.
6 - Flick the syringe with the AAS compound in to remove any air bubbles and push the plunger so that 1 or 2 drops come out to lubricate the needle.
7 - Push the needle into the alcohol swapped site.
8 - Aspirate (enough to see an air bubble / if you see blood, withdraw the needle, change the needle and select another pinning location).
9 - Once you have seen an air bubble from aspirating, you're ready.
10 - Push slowly down on the plunger to inject the liquid.
11 - Once all injected liquid has been injected, withdraw the needle slowly.
12 - Cap the needle and dispose of safely in a sharps container.

Test prop quad injection pain

test prop quad injection pain


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