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Jilliank.. i am 22 years old and i feel like this everyday. Anxiety has plagued my life and i have a list of symptoms longer than anything you could imagine. The numbness is from inhaling too shallow and receiving too much oxygen. When you start getting any tingling or numbness, just stop for a second, take a deep breathe in to your stomach, hold it for five seconds and then exhale lightly with pursed lips (like making a candle flame dance). This should subdue your numbness. Try to practice proper breathing at least once a day and train your mind to breathe correctly. hope this helps.

According to the DJI wiki on the ESC , as well as the sticker on the actual device, it can accept signals from 30 Hz to 450 Hz. The Arduino Servo library outputs a pulse every 20ms, which translates to a frequency of 50Hz, which is within the allowable range. To set the speed, use ( pulseDuration ) . According to Arduino, a servo can be set to no speed with a by passing the parameter a value of 1000 uS, and full speed by passing 2000. However, according to this wiki specifically about ESCs, the range is typically from 500 uS to 2500 uS. This specific one seems to take a range from 1150 to 1950.

Test prop lump

test prop lump


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