Test prop less sides

The Gizmo Geezer Prop Assembly opened my eyes to how to finally apply thrust adjustments with precision.  And once I was able to use just the nose button, my modeling and flying really started to improve.  No more finding a sliver just right for each flight.  No more ugly shimmed and sanded (or not sanded!) front ends on my planes.  Thrust adjustments are easily made right on the field and are now usually 1/4 turn or less of one of the screws.  Once you start using them, you can learn how to tame that model.  Zooming can be controlled with a little bit of right – or a little bit of down – depending on what you need.  These have helped me become a better flyer and I use them in all my models, Scale and Old Timer, excepting the smallest Peanuts.

Macaroni and cheese is a comfort-food classic that you can always enjoy around your holiday table. This homemade baked macaroni and cheese recipe beats the boxed kind any day of the week. It is full of sharp Cheddar cheese, and made from elbow macaroni. Topped with breadcrumbs and cheese, it bakes to a crunchy, divine crust. You’ll love every gooey, crispy mouthful. If you prefer a different type of cheese, you may stir in a pasteurized processed cheese product—it will be equally gooey, but the taste will not be quite as sharp. For a savory main dish, stir in chopped cooked ham before baking, and then sprinkle the top with chopped cooked bacon before serving.

I painted the tree a dark gray first.  You could stop there and your tree will look great.  You could also use flat black, but I think the gray looks better.  If you want to add more depth and feel to your tree, try shading it a bit as you see below.  I added some black to the grooves I made for the tree grain. That gives them more depth.  I also brushed the sides with black to make them appear to be further back and that makes the tree look more round.  For any branch crossing or where they come out, I shaded with a little black paint.   I added a little back around the face parts as well.  I also brushed on some dark brown in sections just to add another color.  For the inside of the mouth and eye, I just painted them black so it looks more like holes in the trees.  It also adds more depth to the over all project.

Test prop less sides

test prop less sides


test prop less sidestest prop less sidestest prop less sidestest prop less sidestest prop less sides