Test prop glute pain

I had m cast changed the same as you after 1 week post-op. The first time a nurse applied the cast, and used 4-5 payers of soft padding under the cast. This was a bit hot but fine, very comfortable and I was able to sleep no worries. The second time the surgeon did it, only used 1 layer of padding and sat the “slab” cast so that it sat right on my cankle. HAd the pain and burning all night and couldn’t sleep so went in the next day and had it changed in 5 mins. Apparently this is really common, I would just go do it!

A few words of caution before we get started: foam rolling should not be used on body parts that you have recently suffered an injury to. You should consult your physician about foam rolling if you have circulatory problems or chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia. Please also take note that while foam rolling is a cheap and easy way to improve tissue quality, results will not appear overnight. You will have to work on your fascia daily for a week or more in order to notice improvement. With foam rolling you’re targeting your soft-tissue (. you should not be rolling your joints or other bony structures).

Test prop glute pain

test prop glute pain


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