The façade of a building represents its most expressive element as it is the ideal place to project the specific character of the structure. Stamisol® provides a new, unique cladding material for impressive cladding solutions.

With Stamisol® composite membranes, façades can be enhanced or renovated and become attractive, unique features.

Stamisol® also offers an extensive selection of membranes for transparent and openwork facades, as well as for under-roof screening. The cutting edge coating technology of Stamisol®, breather membranes mean they breathe, protect from external aggression, control building humidity and thermal performance.

Stamisol® FT 381
This cladding material has fascinating transparency. Stamisol® FT 381 is a textile composite mesh fabric available in 27 trendy colours with additional digital printing option for personalized design.

Stamisol® Color
Continuously glued onto the sub-structure, this high-end breather membrane protects the thermal insulation from the weather, is wind- and rain-proof and unlimited UV resistant. Stamisol® Color, represents an innovative design tool when installed behind transparent or open-joint rainscreens, and is suitable for installation behind glass (expanded or perforated metal, fibre cement panels, timber) and of course the textile façade Stamisol® FT.

Stamisol® FT, when used with Stamisol® Color, provides an overall innovative façade design concept that opens up new perspectives.

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