Propionate in ruminants

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Dietary cobalt and subsequent ruminal synthesis of vitamin B12 normally meet the requirement for vitamin B12 in ruminants. Under typical conditions, rumen synthesis of vitamin B12 would be functional by six to eight weeks of age, depending on intake of dry feed. Pre-ruminant calves, lambs and kids require supplemental vitamin B12. Vitamin B12requirements of the dairy calf are estimated between and µg per kg ( to µg per lb) body weight (NRC, 1989). On a dietary basis, the requirement of young dairy calves ranges from 20 to 40 µg per kg ( to µg per lb) of dry matter (Radostits and Bell, 1970).

Propionate in ruminants

propionate in ruminants


propionate in ruminantspropionate in ruminantspropionate in ruminantspropionate in ruminantspropionate in ruminants