Users have been very enthusiastic about Omifen with reports of greatly reduced post cycle crashes. This is a term used to describe the drop in athletic performance and “smoothing out” that commonly occurs at the completion of a cycle of effective quantity and duration. When taking anabolics, the restoration of natural testosterone levels is considered by many to be as important as the cycle itself. In addition to helping users keep their gains, Clomidex gonadotropil’s suppression of estrogen levels can actually make muscles appear harder and more ripped. It accomplishes this by competing for and binding to estrogen receptors which helps to prevent related side effects such as gynocomastia. Recommended for the final weeks of a cycle, Omifen may dramatically help to prevent side effects, improve muscle hardness and enable the user to keep the gains that were worked so hard for. Many athletes take Omifen continuously between pro-anabolic cycles to reduce estrogenic side effects, stay hard and keep natural testosterone at a maximum output.