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Since posting my issue on this forum I did manage to reset my solidworks registry as was suggested above.  This helped a little but my system still wasn't robust as it was running under Windows 7.  I'm not sure about some users but the annoying half a second "hiccup" when evoking commands, sketching geometry, slow rebuilds and slowing response was starting to slowly drive me closer towards insanity.  I did get an upgraded video card, moving from the AMD Radeon Card to a recommended Nvidia K2200.  Unfortunately installation of the new card did not yield the results I was hoping for even with negligible improvement.  I searched this morning and found another webpage where it was suggested that I check the computer's power options (start>control panel>power options).  My setting was set to "power saver" which apparently isn't a good option when running Solidworks.  I changed the setting to "Performance" and wow...I think I'm back to the original speed.  Below is the link incase anyone else is having the same issue.  I'll monitor the performance of my system in the days to come and provide any updates should things change.  I hope this helps someone.

Cpu chay 100 tren win 7

cpu chay 100 tren win 7


cpu chay 100 tren win 7cpu chay 100 tren win 7